What is Trending, And How to Make Your Tweet Trending!

What do you mean by trending in Twitter?

Trending is when your tweet was RT by other Twitter users. So it’s active topic  like “#Christmas” it will be millions of data I can gather from this keyword.

Hashtags were was popularized duringthe San Diego forest fires in 2007 when Nate Ritter used the hashtag “#sandiegofire” to identify his updates related to the disaster.

You can get your topic trending if you tweet the most discussed hashtags or Active discussion topics, or meaningful and sensible topic.

I conduct a research about one of the trending topic in Twitter. I chose “Christmas” and I filtered it by date so from November 1 – December 3 2012.




To searched I used this query (Christmas OR “xmas”) this 2 general keywords gave me 35.7 million mentioned all over the web. As you can see 94% came from Twitter and the rest 6% was divided by 3 major form of social media networks, The Blogs, Forums and News , Forums got 1 million + mentions or 3% from the total.

age demo

This is the Age Demographic that mentioned the keyword were looking for, so 46.4% of it came from the age of 21-35, the age demographic I think one of the most important to get from the research and also their gender.

Gender demo

That’s the overall gender from 35.7 million mentioned Christmas, Females I think is more excited than Males :). I think we already know the reason why. You know Girls are the one who will list the gift and the boys will be the who released the budget for it :). no all maybe :-).


By adding Time Filter I get more specific data or mentions from social media from users. I only get data from the Month of November 1 to December 3 2012.


That was the top 3 tweets I get, and almost all tweets are the same always mentioned Christmas shopping, gift, Movies, present and etc…

blogs mention

Almost same result from the tweets saying gifts, the first one talk about red Christmas, many of us starts the countdown for the birth date of baby Jesus.


By the data I gathered you can see how people mentioned Christmas in many ways, others asking for gifts or presents. And for the Gender you see females have mentioned more than Male, 81% for Females then 19% for Males. And in the age the most mention is from the Middle age from 21-35.

So I conclude and Christmas is fast approaching, and I’m not in a hurry for it. I’m sure the data I get now will be doubled when the day come.


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